Confession releases the soul from the heavy burdens of the heart. Like a caged bird freed, it soars high into the sky and dives into the ocean of joy.

Shackled in fear and confusion, the stifled soul is a withered image of its former vibrant self now lost in a never-ending barren landscape of broken dreams as shadowy figures dance across puddles of sorrow, mocking the soul struggling with every breath.

I am torn between silence and disclosure.

I am stranded in a war quietly raging between my inner voice and my Self. My heart longs to cry out to ease the ache and burn in me but my Self hides behind a pillar of nonchalance.

Confession is salubrious for the soul. The heart is freed from the thick, heavy blanket of unrequited passion and endless string of questions.

Shall I confess?


I have no right to burden you with what I have to say yet hear my confession. Will you listen or turn a deaf ear?

I am caught in a web of confusion, linked by strands of passion and desire. When your face peeks from the corner of my memory, I am showered with tiny balls of ecstasy escalating into bursting flames of passion and sheets of sensual bliss.

I am a river of sadness whenever you walk away and a fountain of joy   whenever you come near me.

I am envious of the wineglass that touches your lips and the bed that welcomes you in the night.

I want to be the sun that bids you good morning and the evening star that rocks you to sleep.

I want to gaze at your face and watch every fall of your breath.

I dream of showering you with light kisses as you sleep.


My confessions are endless. Are you listening?

You are the salve to my soul needled by the shards of loneliness.

You are the ray of sun that chases the mists of solitude.

I have no right to burden you with what I have to say but I did not mean to feel this way.

Like a repentant soul kneeling before the priest, I make amends by wishing.

I wish I could elude the tides of passion whenever I think of you – I am drowning.

I wish I could quell the surge of desire whenever I hear your name mentioned – I recite your name like a personal mantra.

As I lay awake at night, I wish not to wake up each morning having dreamt of you – I go to bed waiting to see you in my dreams. 


Confession should have freed my heart, my soul, my Self.

The war rages on and Inferno’s gate is a step away.

Did you hear my confession?



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  1. You really have a nice way of weaving of words…Will be looking forward for your other posts


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