Dark clouds eclipse the ray of light streaming through the window

Icy fingers brush against my cheek

There He stands, tall, stoical and cold – His tattered black robe flails loudly in the breeze. His shadow casts a pall of grief, turning light to dark, joy to sadness and life to death

He walks towards me like a lover in supplication, reaching out His skeletal arms brimming with a promise of warmth. But His eyes, gleaming with derision, betray His cruel intentions. His laughter rends my consciousness apart, picking slowly at my sorrows

He goes by many names – Grief, Melancholy, Sadness, Woe, and Misery and, most of the time, Death

He comes without warning and leaves not a faint sliver of joy within


The river of joy in me has seeped out into a quagmire of emptiness. I hear my heart beating but I feel cold. I move my body but I feel nothing. My chest tightens and I grow weak. 

I close my eyes to hide from the nothingness, but He shakes me to wakefulness, watching me with jovial eyes as I plunge into the abyss of despair

But, like the rising sun at the break of dawn, your face shines through the curtain of hollowness, peeping vividly from the corner of my memory

I turn to you like the sunflower turning to the sun


I see you

I feel you

Tides of happiness engulf me whenever you’re near – the sound of your voice is the song that fills my placid world.

Your smile surrounds me in rays of sensual bliss and tranquillity

Your taut body shields me from hoary and present pains and sorrows


You, the brilliant ray of light, part the dark curtain of despair

Your smile melts the icy veneer on my soul

Your warm, gentle hands supplant the glacial fingers gripping me

Your body shelters me from nothingness and shroud me in happiness.

I dance in the river of joy wrapped in your ray of light


One response to this post.

  1. very flowery….I turn to you like the sunflower turning to the sun

    hehehehh aside from that it’s really good 🙂


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