We traverse the plane of humanity like rivers on diametrical sides, winding through sinuous but parallel channels

The sea god’s dual temperament walks in your shadow, his pendulous spirit visibly mirrored in your staccato-rhythm blind fury that explodes in billows of surf and foam

Nature braces itself against your rampaging torrents sending pockets of wind swirling like dancers in a mad pirouette. The seabed, struck by Poseidon’s trident, quakes and watery skyscrapers knock upon Heaven’s door

You come down unrelenting and, in your wake, leave drenched souls, waterlogged hopes and drowned dreams

With the passing of the storm, your gentle waves caress Nature’s cheek like a repentant lover seeking forgiveness for past transgressions


I flow like a cradle rocked BY Nature’s lullabies

Demeter’s shadow walks with me, her gait a step of seamless glee. Her mirth floods my riverbanks with colours brighter than a painter’s palette

The trees sing songs of love in sotto voce; the leaves sway with a dancer’s grace lost in the rhythm of passion

Heaven weeps not – Apollo’s rays bathe the grounds pullulating with the Goddess’ cornucopia of blessings


I search for the path that will merge mine with yours, steered by Hope’s hand and Cupid’s arrow

I slip in and out sinuous passages and dark crevices, through suffocating heat and nauseous reek of churned channel mud

Barren land blunder past my vision framed by ruined houses and deserted streets, broken dreams, shattered lives and dusty rosebushes

Demeter recedes into the shadows; the dark mantle of hope withering in the wind; hope’s hand slips from my grasp and I spiral deep into the chasm of confusion

I see you but I can’t find you. I can sense you but I can’t feel you

You see me but you ignore me like a leper shunned by the world

You sense me but deny me your touch

Your smile sits smugly on your lips; your eyes, fired with mockery, stare at me through willowy eyelids

Like the frantic back-forth pace of sleepless passengers on a launch, you come only to turn and walk away as I move towards you

The tango by one is beautifully – and tragically – executed by you


Two rivers running on parallel sides we are

 With equal distance splitting us apart, the long-time wish of convergence will remain virtually impossible unless Euclid’s fifth postulate is rewritten

One response to this post.

  1. thanks for the greek mythology refresher 😉 hehehehehe

    something light naman next time


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