Day and night rage stalks me from every corner, from every avenue; its venomous pangs seeking to close in with serpent-like accuracy

I elude them with a fairy’s nimbleness but succumb in human weariness to its fiery grip.  Blazing inside the infernal heat, I claw my way to the edge of the world, shaking off murderous thoughts roiling in my mind

The breeze of serenity comes to an eerie standstill as venomous hissing rings loudly in the air

A serpent rage coils around my soul slowly blackening with the poison of vicious intentions

Once my heart beat with passion and love, it now throbbed with blissful wrath bursting with delight at each wail of anguished souls

Flames of hatred dance angrily around me; its blazing tongue licks at my putrid soul as its flaming hands gather me into a foul embrace

I dance, blinded by the light of fury, to the rhythm of death


I stand by the riverbank, the whirlpool of rage swirls maddeningly fuelled by the potions of hatred and malice

He accepts my menacing stare as payment and we slice through River Styx in silence. The bubble of anger wells up, erupting in a foamy litany of profanities that burn my lips. The ferryman still rows in silence

The Royal Couple of Dark and Light stand at the gate. His steely gaze shoots arrow of ice through my spine; her smile kindles a faint remembrance of bliss


Her smile fans the fire of recognition and from the hazy recollection your face peeps like the sun at the break of dawn

Through Rage’s dark curtain, you come like a ray of light, piercing my blackened soul

The vision of you quells the ocean of venom and my heart flutters with the feeble throb of passion

The memory of you is a landscape of colours that drowns the inky murderous thoughts darting across my mind

Your voice is the cacophony of mellifluous din ringing in my ears.

Passion wells inside of me, exploding in a honeyed litany of desire and love.

Your face is etched to permanence in the crevices of my memory; it is the breeze of serene passion that unlocks the fatal grip of rage


Rage stalks me from every corner, from every avenue, day and night but I no longer run from it

I stand naked before its sharp pangs, ready and willing

The venom of passion runs through me – my heart is racing and my body is dripping

I am Rage aching for you


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  1. Breathe in….breathe out….breathe in more


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