He fashions thunderbolts in mad frenzy as His Master lets loose bolt after bolt, in maniacal fury, against the canvas of grey. His Divine Mistresses playfully wrap mortals in an icy embrace. And their coquettish laughter resonates alongside Heavens’ avalanche of light and tears

 Nature bows its head in melancholic submission and spring’s bright trimmings are kept away. Demeter mixes monochromatic hues on her palette as funereal scents waft through the air. Helios turns into a shadow that once touched my brow as rain pelts my sun-kissed skin


I look up to weeping Heaven like a sunflower turning to the sun, raising my arms in welcome as You gently come down on me like a golden shower pouring through Danae

I bask in your presence though Helios is my God

Every raindrop is an answered prayer of desire and longing

My fire-lit eyes gaze upon a rainbow of colours suspended across the sky

My soul soars high up in the air, gliding through the blue landscape

My heart is a garden of flowers drizzled with golden light at the dawn of spring

I am an ocean of passion swelling, rushing and flowing


Helios peers from the canvas of grey as water trickles down my back

His Master has tired of shooting and the Mistresses have retired

Your warmth against me becomes a faint touch of passion ebbing like the sea of time

My heart is a barren landscape of withered roses and my soul spirals into the abyss of despair

I plead to the Master to open the floodgates of Heaven and let the rains drown me; I yearn to bask again and again in your presence

I am your Danae and you are my golden rain


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  1. napatakbo ako kay edith hamilton para basahin uli ang mga greek mythologies “p


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