Your face peeks from the corner of my memory as I struggle to leap across the swivet of the daily pandemonium

It rises above the frenetic thoughts swirling in my mind

I pause and turn to gaze at you

The outline of your face is etched as clear as the light from a burning candle against the mantle of darkness

Your smile is soft

Your eyes are lit

The touch of your hand, upon mine, is tender as silk


Your face leaps from the corner of my memory

I reach out to touch you, trace the outline of your dear face

I feel your breath stroke my nape, your breath heavy with longing and love

Your fingertips trace the curve of my spine as mine travel the length of yours

We seek each other – caressing familiar purlieus, probing new grounds

Jagged breathing dancing in rhythmic synchronicity to the edge of rupture

Your lips find mine and I enter yours, engulfing me in a warm embrace

Hands slide further into the depths of love that surge with fiery passion as bodies lock in jigsaw puzzle precision

I am bathed in waterfalls of desire as I curl against your taut body

My senses pulse in ululations of sensual bliss

Tides of passion ebb and surge inside, hurling to the shoreline scattering into tiny white sea foam

The sea spray of passion descends

Tiptoeing gently, sleep settles on our eyes against her soft lullabies


Your face recedes to the corner crevice of my memory

I ran to towards you to touch you but my fingers grasp air

I falter over a mountain of desolation, plaguing heaven with endless cries

The waterfall of desire has ceased

A thick blanket of melancholy covers my body, my eyes hollow and dry

Our paths crossed several moons ago

Yet your face remains engraved in my mind like a burning candle against the night


One response to this post.

  1. who would have thought that you have a very romantic bone in you,,,,akala ko sunflower seeds lang eh 😛


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