“Patience, young Padawan” was Yoda’s gentle rebuke to Luke Skywalker’s countless temperamental outbursts. He, full grown man, couldn’t lift his submerged X-wing from the swamps of Dagobah unlike the diminutive Jedi Master who could do it with his eyes closed. His inability to lift his X-wing finally made the lesson of patience sink into his psyche; he still had a long way to go before becoming like Yoda and facing his demon-father, Darth Vader. You’re probably wondering why I’m prattling about Star Wars – patience, reader.

Traveling is a case in point vis-à-vis patience. It can result in two things. On a positive note, you discover another side of you that you’ve never know, say, getting up on stage during karaoke night in Singapore or rolling in a Zorb ball in Thailand or the Czech Republic.  At the opposite side of the spectrum, the monster in you comes out (something like Mr. Hyde persona of your existence) and starts lambasting everyone in your way. Which one would you transmogrify into if you were stranded at an airport in Europe?

Imagine yourself at Schipol Airport calmly waiting for the connecting flight to Asia only to be told that not only is the flight delayed, but also you’re uncertain of getting a seat in the next 24 hours. The other shoe falls off completely when you’re told that the airport hotel where you can stay until everything is sorted out is fully booked. Shall you turn into a harridan demanding a seat on the next available flight? Gut reaction tells you to be a harridan and scream like a banshee but, being a rational individual, diplomacy would be your best recourse, wouldn’t it?

Felicity just flies out of the window and in comes mounting frustration with such an exasperating situation. Yoda, who’s perpetually in Zen mode, would advice patience even if he didn’t understand about free Internet access as compensation. On the other hand, Dave Seville, struggling writer of Alvin and the Chipmunks, would have kicked up a fuss and start throwing things. The Fab Fur would have let everything slide off their bushy tails: Alvin would have been up to something mischievous; Simon would have studied the airport’s architecture; and Theodore would have looked around for toaster waffles.

Yoda mode of patience, which takes a while to attain, would work if you were dealing with people genuinely finding a way for you to get out of Schipol Airport, but the stress of waiting is still on you. Chipmunk patience would get you a little bit of action and the bonus of your anxiety out of your system. The child-like element of chipmunk patience lets you move on with out resulting in a burst artery. Simple but ridiculous you might say, but patience reader. Remember the time you exploded in a fit of frustration over something? Didn’t you feel much better and ready to face whatever was coming with stupendous equanimity?

Directing the question at myself – I’ll try Yoda patience then switch to Dave (minus the throwing) and a little bit of the furry siblings, meaning I’ll see what’s fun to do at the airport, scrutinize the merits pf the design and then look for some munchies. Patience is a matter of style, isn’t it?


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  1. Posted by i_am_aoisoba on June 18, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    i am oscar …*buh humbug*


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