A patch of mist lingers on the window – dawn’s souvenir of its ethereal embrace the sun rises to the summit and sprays gold dust below

it collides with a carousel of birds racing like wild stallions running in the wind against the sonata of rustling leaves

A new day unfolds to the sound of shears clipping and the strains of romanzas yet it’s no day different from the rest

Your shadow hovers over me

Taking my hand, you ghost twirls me in a fiery flamenco dance

I endure the heartbreak as your silhouette slides through the floor, eclipsing the room in a hazy mirage

I stare like a mesmerised child frozen in a puddle of terror, awe and desire.


Your scent perfumes the room, a fragrance that piques the passion of my soul burning it with the tenacity of a childhood dream.

Your eyes reflect my heart’s deepest wish of love nurtured like a firstborn child

Your laughter rings out loudly like the blissful peal of bells on a wedding day

Memories of the past and present mingle freely

Your footfalls were light as you crossed the threshold into my private sphere

I trace the curve of our back, the feel of your sun-kissed skin silky smooth against my fingertips

I travel the length of your body, strong and taut against the tip of my tongue.

Your breath is the salve that soothes the nightmares of solitude; your warmth the shelter from the frosty shroud of the night

The feel of you against me, in me, fills the void of desolation as the raging flood of your essence meanders through the geography of my being


Fleeing from your shadow, I rip through the blue canvas, piercing the cotton swirls, and howl like a freed animal

I rock to the frenzied orchestra of freedom; I shed the shackles of anguish, elude the tiara of torment and shrug the suffocating cloak of melancholy

I drink wine from the cup of salvation and breathe the air of liberation

Love’s whims and mortal-wounding caprices stand at bay

Life is a postcard-picture of manicured green rising and falling; matchbox cars rambling through serpentine roads; and cascading waters echoing with seductive calls

I float gently like a feather in the wind rocked by the sweet ballads of Demeter but buoyed by the unfettered spirit of Bacchus


At the distant horizon, dusk arrives faster than Mercury’s winged feet escorted by the God and Goddess

There is no escaping Cupid’s armoury and its twin, Demeter’s heartache

Your silhouette comes upon me and you gather me in your arms with a lover’s ardour

My heart jumps with a lover’s joy and collapses with a lover’s despair.

We trace, probe and seek: I receive you graciously, openly and you move in gently with ease – our bodies lock into a primordial embrace

The memory is vivid and the feeling is real except the possibility of reality weakens on the plane of truth


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by aoisoba on June 15, 2009 at 8:01 pm

    🙂 i can almost feel your words 😀


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