ARROWS & INSTRUMENTS (for Carlos Garcia)


The strains of the violin must have been floating through the air but I never heard them; the entire symphony could have sallied forth through Four Seasons – playing with all their passion and might – Yet Vivaldi would have fallen on deaf ears

Fireworks would have been launched into the dark night yet I never would have seen them; Cupid’s arrow, aimed with precision, could have whizzed by but still, I would have thought it a paper aeroplane lazily gliding and circling my way

Did someone say something?


Horns blaring could have shattered the silence of the room; drum rolls could have stirred the sleeping giant to open an eye; and the blast of cymbals could have awakened hibernating bears

Yet I walked through all the cacophony of din in a hypnagogic state

“Was there a racket somewhere?” I would have asked, drowsily

Cupid’s determination flows like an endless fountain – his arrows (he fires two) zip through the maze seeking, but missing the target of your passion

On frustration’s edge, the God of Love turns to the Almighty for help who lets loose a barrage of thunderbolts as the choir of Olympus delivers your messages of love

Did someone whisper in my ear?                                                                     


Like a conductor at the pit, Zeus commands the symphony to play and the choir of Olympus to let loose a curtain of colourful rose petals

Venus parts the veil that shielded my heart from the songs of love

Demeter daubs the landscape with colours of red and Cupid, once again strings his bow with his magical bolts

His sharpened arrow finds its mark with precision

Through the mist and the din, I see you standing before me, hearing you speaking of love

“…I think of how wonderful it is waking up every morning with you by my side…”

“I miss your voice”

“Thank you so much for allowing me to love you…I’ll never stop loving you”

“So many times have I said that I love you, and I’ll always will no matter what happens”

The fireworks launched into skies I now vividly see across the mantle of the night

The strains of violin that carried your messages of love I now hear with clarity

My feelings rush to the surface of my heart and I cry, “I love you too”


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