As the besom swept away the leaves and, occasionally, thrashed the flames of the past, she let herself meander for the last time through the memories of the years elapsed. A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she found herself on a boat down River Thames, her two women companions sitting calmly by the side. This was nothing new to them. Her friend was taken ill and his sister and officemate took kindly to taking her around – this first timer to London whose thoughts were not on the historic river but on Hogwarts Express flying Harry Potter and ilk to Hogwarts Academy. The trip to the countryside was an experience. She should have brought more winter clothes notwithstanding it was already summer. B&B at £20 a night was a steal and the breakfast was more than hearty. But her friend hardly talked to her in the car as it sped away from London.

Stumbling to a halt, she was face to face with him – the young charmer who always found his way into her life. The overhead bridge was the last place she expected him to be. They’ve sorted their differences – the relationship was a huge mistake – and the friendship was plodding along smoothly until he said he’d walk her home if she had supper with him. It was the same old modus operandi of sweet bribery. Disappointment came charging in like bulls on a rampage; she was facing Peter Pan except this one was taller. She was filled with meshugah love for him eons ago but she knew better than to accept unlike the last time. She wasn’t into diving but she agreed to the trip to Terengganu in Malaysia, only to find herself along with her book while he frolicked with the fishes and the birds night and day.

It was an all-girls’ trip to Bintan, Indonesia. She and two other women were retreating from the world for two days of fun and lazing around. Massage at Angsana Spa Bintan was first on the itinerary followed by endless dips in the pool (she stayed dry with her book on a lounge chair) and a lot of chow time. But the old maxim “good things never last” always rings true without fail. The two women simply faded away, never staying in touch although they kept in contact with others from the same circle of friends.

Taking a cue from her sibling, she was determined to forget the past uglies. Cork, Ireland’s third most populous city after Dublin and Belfast, would be a lovely place to go to. Aside from visiting her best girlfriend who’s posted there, the landscape is a mixture of medieval and modern buildings. Take the old financial center, South Mall, whose several banks have interiors from the 19th century and Ireland’s longest building, the former St. Annes Psychiatric building (now converted into the residential housing complex Atkins Hall), built  in the Victorian times.  London is part of the list of places to go. This time she’s getting on the London Eye no matter how long the queue is, catching a play at the Globe Theatre and walking over to Tate Modern (formerly Batterseas Power Station). Diving is not part of future plans except for diving into bed; she’ll feast on delectable plates of seafood at Jimbaran Bay and enjoy the night breeze of Bali.

She’s moving on and making new memories. Let sleeping dogs lie, as Sheena Easton once belted out in the 1980s.


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