There’s no escaping from the tenacious grip of the past replete with memories of the good and bad

Every turn, every corner leaps a chapter from a life filled with promises long shattered

The sun streams through the window you once gazed out, contemplating on the gods’ dicey games and whimsical fancies

The kitchen is empty, deathly still from the dearth of your laughter

The blazing passion in the bedroom has turned ash-cold like the night

The door once opened with blessings and love

Every wall of the house still echoes your words of a life together

The memories march on like soldiers across the battlefield while I stand rooted to the spot helpless against the rushing tide engulfing the pleas of mercy

Your ethereal presence is manacled to my soul

Walking its funereal gait

Stroking its pain

Fanning its sadness

Eclipsing the light of hope

Ensnaring my wounded heart

(Suria KLCC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia)


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