Lips curl into an impish smile

His gait mirrors a dancer’s grace

His complexion smooth as golden honey

His deep set eyes beckon with a lover’s gaze

Pure energy runs through like rapids of a raging river

The voice of doom loudly echoes in the mind –

 “You shouldn’t let him affect you. Be strong.”

“Keep your distance. Be strong.”

“He’s a charmer. Be strong.”

His deep voice resonates like a stroke against the harp’s strings

Each word drips with a flower’s early morning scent

The lips quiver

The heart throbs

The hands shake

An ocean of energy collides within besieged by Poseidon’s wrath

The voice of ruin shouts frenetically –

“Resistance is not futile! Be strong!”

His fingers trace the curve of the back, stoking the fire of desire

He speaks softly of sweet words to unlock the gateways of heavens

Lips lock

Tongues probe

Bodies sway

He enters and then an explosion

He lies in repose after a night of passion

A sweat bead runs down his philtrum

He shifts and murmurs words of love

The river of ecstasy still rages on.

The voice of tragedy is silenced


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