If you were to part the curtains of my mind

Here’s what you’d have discovered

I never left that moment when our lips met

Tongues intertwined, bodies pulsing

Undulating like waves rolling and unfurling at shore

I think of that space when a gulf separated us

Now drowned by the meandering river of passion

Whenever you walked through my mind’s eye

I clutched my heart fearing you’d hear my cry of joy

Your presence eclipsed the din of the room, closing the space between us


Parting the curtains of my mind at this moment

I wish for that space which separated us

When my heart remained oblivious to your presence

When your smile was but one among a thousand

When your gait was the rhythm of a stranger

 When I didn’t desire to hold you

When you were simply a face in a sea of faces


2 responses to this post.

  1. That was beautiful.


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