Through the gap between the door and floor

Through the dusty window screen

The sun tap dances across

Heralding the portents of a propitious day

Like the smell and touch of the first page of a new book

A fresh adventure awaits the soul eager to soar

Wasn’t it just yesterday that she blazed through the halls of hallowed learning?

Ready to shape minds

Fine tune thoughts

Heal bruised egos

Fuel self-confidence

Straighten crooked tongues

Mold values

From the fickle mindedness of the Gods and Goddesses of yore

The great battles of Troy

Eerie tapping on window of a lovelorn figure

From under the three planks of the floor of a chamber

Madonna and Rick’s professions of love

Amidst youthful brazenness, arrogance and hauteur

She stoked the fires of erudition with zeal

Wasn’t it yesterday that greetings of happiness were well received?

Candles blown

Wishes and prayers pitched through heaven’s doors

Gifts unwrapped

Feast enjoyed

Songs sang

Shrugging off the night’s heaviness

She turns to honor the sun except she stumbles

Floundering into the abyss of despair

Falling from the warm precipices of joy

Shivering from the icy stroke of loneliness

Running the length of her spine

There’s much to celebrate that she knows

Illnesses are kept at arm’s length

Estranged from family she is not

Friends far and near keep in touch

A roof over her head amid floods and earthquakes

Food on the table, simple or lavish

New experiences and ideas abound

She crawls up from the chasm of gloom

Braves the wintry blast

Parries the ghost from the past

Exhales despair

Inhales hope

Exhales doubts

 Inhales faith

Exhales misgivings

Inhales trust

And waits for her spirit to rise


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by i_am_aoisoba on November 9, 2009 at 10:07 am

    Exhales despair

    Inhales hope

    Exhales doubts

    Inhales faith

    Exhales misgivings

    Inhales trust

    i like !


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