Panic crosses her face

Her eyes pleading for leniency

Her fingers searching through her uniform pocket

To switch her Blackberry to silent mode

Mobile phones were disallowed in the classrooms

Her silent Siemens M55 paled in comparison

A relic befuddling today’s generation

“How do you operate this?” someone once asked

The assignment on the board

She tells the class to copy in their notebooks

A hand shoots through the air “Can I take a picture, Miss?”

She was dumbstruck

“Can I take a picture of the assignment, Miss?” she asked again

Notebook and pen were old school

This generation looked for convenience

A shot of the assignment uploaded on Facebook is how they keep track school work

Her notebook brimmed with scribbles

Of things to do, ideas, books, dates, facts, dates, new word of the day

Lines of angst, love and sadness

Photos were for keepsake, of special occasions

Momentous gatherings, landscapes and creative endeavors

Today’s generation’s notebooks

Showcase names enclosed in hearts

Cartoon faces, abstract drawings

Nondescript details

The fissure widens between generations

Yesterday’s de rigueur in learning is eschewed

Reading is passé

Depth, substance and commonplace logic are sacrificed

Overshadowed by today’s speedy access to knowledge

All answers are within reach

All answers are ready with a click of Enter


3 responses to this post.

  1. The generation gap truly widens. But: Carpe diem!


  2. Posted by i_am_aoisoba on December 11, 2009 at 11:44 am

    just starting to catch up…naloka ako dito ha…picture-an ang homework? though i know that on recent survey majority of the people are suprised to see anyone holding a pen and a paper


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