The community of Filipinos in Jakarta are all smiles at a Thanksgiving Party.

The spirit of Christmas finds most people brimming with gratitude. Some express it by giving gifts while others express it with offerings to their Gods. For Sutarsa Tanu, one of the elders of the Jakarta International Seventh-Day Adventist Church on Jl MT Haryono, welcoming fellow worshippers and guests (like me) to his palatial residence at Permata Hijau is his way of strengthening the ties within the community. With a simple meal of Indonesian delicacies like bubur ayam (chicken porridge), soto ayam (chicken vermicelli with broth), Indonesian fruit salad and gado-gado (Indonesian salad) coupled with a program of singing and games, the Thanksgiving Party was a night of laughter, camaraderie, photo ops,  well wishes and appreciation for the blessings.

While they sang I quietly read the lyrics. This Filipino prefers to read - not hum or sing.


Filipinos and Indonesians get together for Thanksgiving.


 [Photography by Victoria Everett]


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  1. Love the pix! Thanks for putting them up, they put faces to words 🙂


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