Valentine’s Day is the second biggest annual card-giving event in the world according to Bob Hancock, an American Seventh-day Adventist pastor, after Christmas. The Californian-Jakarta-expatriate also mentioned that Valentine’s Day is the day that majority of the flowers – red roses obviously – are sent by men.

Valentine’s Day is upon us again alongside Chinese New Year or Imtek as the Indonesians refer to it. With the twin holidays happening simultaneously malls in Bekasi such as Metropolitan Mall are decorated 50 percent with hearts and 50 percent with Chinese lantern and other Chinese-ish embellishments.  Part of the Valentine’s motif is the huge pink stall of Silver Queen set up in the middle between SuperIndo supermarket and KFC with ladies dressed in denim mini-skirts cajoling passers-by to buy their specially packaged Valentine’s Day chocolates and flowers.

While the rest of the world celebrates Valentine’s Day with glee, here’s what a Valentine Scrooge, but sans the three ghosts, has to say about February 14.

  • The lovey-dovey facade and put-on romantic attitude is the end result of the constant barrage of Valentine’s advertisements aired on TV and radio etc. Ads can really persuade people to be “romantic” (read: spend a lot). Simply put, it’s just another capitalist venture to push people into emptying their wallets.
  • A bouquet of flowers is wonderful to receive unless you get one that has another woman’s name on the card and the sender happens to be your boyfriend or husband.
  • It’s a game of who gets the biggest bouquet. I pity the bloke who’s on a shoestring budget and has fork out hundreds of dollars for flowers just not to embarrass his girlfriend.
  • It’s a game of who doesn’t get a bouquet. The single person without a bouquet is suddenly the most pathetic person in the room. It doesn’t matter to those who don’t believe in such things but others take the matter to heart.
  • It’s a game of chocolates, too. Those who receive Royce, Godiva or truffles from mezza9 of Grand Hyatt Singapore are truly lucky. Saying it with cheap chocolates just doesn’t cut it.
  • Every restaurant is crawling with couples so getting a table in your favorite restaurant is not going to happen. If you happen to reserve in advance and you’re dining alone, you’ll be the center of attraction.
  • If you’re not all worked up about Valentine’s Day you’re labeled as an oddball wallowing in bitterness because you don’t have a “special someone”.
  • Cupid must be so stressed stringing his bow that his shots are off tangent, and your Valentine’s Day date turns out to be schlemiel.
  • Candlelight dinner on Valentine’s Day is overrated. There’s nothing enjoyable about being famished and not seeing your food, and having to make like you’re enjoying the evening.
  • Forget about Valentine’s Day. Uncork your favorite bubbly or head to a spa for a soothing massage and Honey milk bath.

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  1. I stumbled onto your blog and read a few post. I like your style of writing.


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