PUNCAK – Following a day excursion to Bandung several months ago, Puncak (pronounced Poon-chak) is the place that I have  been told endlessly by friends and colleagues to visit. In the area is located one of Indonesia’s famous attractions called Taman Safari, which is a 35-hectare park -wildlife conservation site that looks after almost-rare animals such as rhinoceros, giraffes, white tigers and European, American and Asian bears.

Excited as we were and fearful that we might be caught in the early morning jam, my friends and I arrived an hour and a half earlier ahead of the opening hour, which is 9am. We also forgot to factor in that we had with us a highly skilled driver. We were earlier than the park workers.

And what better way to make the time go faster? Be a tourist and take pictures until the park opens.

The eager beavers pose for a souvenir shot at the entrance of Taman Safari.

And once you’re inside, there are a lot of photo opportunities.

Dropping by the home of Indonesia's big lizard, the Komodo dragon

Photography by Rico Falcunitin and Wilyn Magadan

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