TAMAN SAFARI, PUNCAK – It was a long parade of animals: elephants reached their trunks out for treats; a leopard rested elegantly among the green shrubbery probably deciding whether to give a car a scare; a puma watched stoically from his rocky observation deck; a startled Malayan porcupine quickly hid in his burrow; monkeys grabbed the bananas and carrots coming out of the car windows; a babi rusa, or wild boar, paced in his little corner; the crocodiles were statue-like, not batting an eyelid; the rhinos stood motionlessly; and the bison slept soundly in the hut as droopy-eyed giraffes cantered to the vehicles.

Hey, can you spare me a carrot or banana?

“We’re the cuddlier version ,” says the pygmy hippo.


Talk to the antlers!

I prefer fruits please.

Photography by Wilyn Magadan and Rico Falcunitin

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