Poetics of Language


I can’t hear myself think at times
outside noise fills my head
yet you come through loud and clear
above the din
if once I treasured your life as I do mine
if once your arms were the solace from the icy embrace of winter
if once your presence illuminated my dark world
if once your words banished the bleakness of the future
if once my world collapsed from your absence even for a moment
if once I loved you above all
now feel my wrath

Strengthened by your mendacity
I can hear myself clearly
murderous thoughts collide with tenacity
feel the sting across your face
taste the brine on your lips
shiver at the steel’s sharp point caressing your back
gasp for air
bear the agony as your life slips away quietly
pray that you don’t cross my path
lest you desire crimson to color the landscape

Torn by the epic battle of good and bad in my head
stillness escapes my soul
darkness eclipses my heart
pray you don’t stumble into my path
I pray I don’t find you
the road to inner peace
is long and torturous

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