There are days you’ll find yourself about to go berserk. A case of cultural differences? Maybe. A case of the little things having snowballed into a huge ball raring to pop? It’s more like the second when the molecules of the world decided to change pathways and the planets realigned themselves in a bizarre manner thus throwing your world in complete mayhem. Biting off the head of anyone who happens to be in your way is not a solution to get realigned again so to speak, or screaming your lungs out until you pop a vein.

That was the situation I found myself in a country known for gorgeous kebaya and batik on a Monday that was not going right at all: “burned” weekend, recalcitrant students, tangled communications lines, “deaf” colleagues, scorching heat and a niggling sniffle.

But going against misaligned planets and psycho molecules like a rhinoceros on a rampage won’t do one any good. Heeding the words of my mum whose barrel of faith never seem to go empty, I inhaled deeply and proceeded to simplify things. Here’s what the universe answered me with after exhaling murderous thoughts.

*What Was That Song Again? – I am not one of those lucky people born with great pipes but that hasn’t stopped me from singing in my head or under my breath. Spending minutes recalling the lyrics can calm you down, which lead to other thoughts like Cold Stone Ice Creamery, Marché, Sushi Tei, Robert Pattinson and Mark Haddon’s book.

*Think Chocolate – Forget counting calories and grab a chocolate bar or anything with chocolate in it. I usually go for this chocolate wafer rolls that I can get from Hari-Hari supermarket at CyberPark Bekasi. Instant chocolate high! Yum-may!

*Punch Air – Add a sidekick, jab, upper cut and left/right hook. Attending body fight class is absolutely exhilarating despite always ending up the wrong side of the room most of the time. Focus on the angry thoughts to get those punches and kicks going, and you’ll be feeling lighter from within in an hour.

*Think Tour de France – No, not watching cycling on ESPN but attending a spinning class. Pedaling like crazy clears the anxieties, doubts and angry thoughts as you climb the hills in half an hour.

*Spell G-R-A-T-I-T-U-D-E – It’s hard to do that when you’re down in the dumps but there are a lot of things to be thankful for even if you’re having a little quibble with the universe on certain issues (that’s a nugget of wisdom from my mum).

*Grab a cuppa –It’s green tea to clear the cobwebs in my mind and chamomile to calm the nerves for a good night’s sleep. Don’t drink it during the day or you’ll be snoring in no time at your desk.

*Fettuccine or Linguini? – Both would do nicely. Enjoy a plate of pasta with pesto sauce, tomato sauce or cream sauce. You don’t have to worry about unwanted pounds because, according to Liz Vaccariello, editor-in-chief of Prevention on, cooked pasta is about 70 % water, which keeps one fuller longer hence you don’t munch on anything else, but choose whole grain pasta for filling fiber.


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