Jakarta:  Soekarno-Hatta International Airport is the airport that you wouldn’t want to be stranded in unlike Singapore Changi Airport. The general ambiance makes travelling tedious; you feel harried and, worse, you feel in your gut that you made a mistake in travelling. The domestic airport is a lot better in terms of structure, lay out, architecture and interior design, which makes me wonder why the international airport pales in comparison. The domestic airport is actually reminiscent of Changi Airport and Hong Kong International Airport – contemporary in look and feel, spacious, a lot of benches, floor-to-ceiling windows and ample signage.

However, a friend and I stumbled upon something pleasant at Soekarno-Hatta on the night we were to fly out to Singapore. We would have been cursing like mad through the night – our ValueAir flight was delayed for more than two hours – if not for that delightful hole-in-the-wall Japanese restaurant. We were famished and most of the eating places were not exactly to our liking until we spotted Sakana, its blue banners at the entrance seemingly beckoning us, which was packed with Japanese diners.

“Guess it’s a good one if Japanese are eating there,” I mumbled to myself, which, on hindsight, was not exactly scientifically established.

Anyway, squirming our way through the narrow passage way, we were offered table 1 at the back. A hospitable waiter carried our luggage to our table.

We perused the menu quickly and within 15-20 minutes, Alex and I settled down to a wonderful evening repast of omelet rice (his); gindara teriyaki set (mine) and a plate of sashimi set A  (ours). It was a better choice than set B because, aside from the regular tuna and salmon, it also had the octopus, which we both fancied. Now, a Japanese meal is not complete with hot green tea of which we had a mug each.

Speaking of prices, Sakana’s a bit pricey compared to Sushi Tei at Plaza Senayan, but we chalked it up to it being located at the airport. Isn’t everything priced a little higher than usual at the airport? Two mugs of green tea totaled to Rupiah30, 000; the gindara teriyaki set is priced at Rupiah 60,000 while the omelet rice is Rupiah38, 000. Don’t forget the 10 percent tax and five percent service charge.  

It may have been a little expensive but Sakana didn’t disappoint at all – from the meals to the customer service.


Soekarno-Hatta International Airport

Terminal 2E

Tel: (021) 559 9540


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