It’s time to end the skiamachy and let the ghosts that walk my mind rest.
it’s wearisome,
the endless struggles of parrying memories
of dodging your presence
of escaping from your mocking laughter and sly smile
it’s time to put a wreathe on a love that long expired,
rendered lifeless by your treacherous ways
false words and hollow promises

Proposals of conjugal bliss you laid at my feet continuously
dovetailed with words of fidelity and golden future
five years it could have been today
a life together – a family, a house, a garden, lazy weekends and holidays
except you hid behind a mask
concealed the truth,
your feet of clay
how conveniently you forgot the vows you made to another
the same promises
the same dreams

Under the expansive cloudless sky
I lower the coffin and let Earth have it
no prayers, no praises for what has passed
scarred, wounded and jaded,
interring you
lets the ghost slumber
swallows the sorrow
ceases the skiamachy
removes the memories
erases you

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