at the crack of dawn
the rooster crows
click snooze
a couple or more minutes please
head buries deeper into the pillow
five minutes later
the rooster lets it rip

mind’s cottony
soul is graying
sharpness is blunted
passion is waning
heart is sinking
in the tedium of
waking, dressing and paper-pushing

day in day out
files updated
certificates signed
drum cartridge ordered
markers dispensed
the seconds crawl slower than a snail
minutes walk around in circles
and the hours haul sand without luck

noon is the most demanding - 
dim sum, noodles, chicken rice
or butter sugar toast with boiled egg
teh, barley, milo or mineral water
dessert: kinder bueno or chilled grass jelly with longan
taxi, bus or on foot?

shadows fade from the pavement
windows are closed
bag is packed
a few more minutes
until cottony mind clears up
and a lightness of being settles within

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