Enter the land of mummies and pharaohs

Singapore: It commands presence even from afar; its columns and statues – a palette of earth, black and gold hues – stand stoically against the overcast skies of Sentosa in the Garden City. Up close, they tower over their diminutive visitors who ooh and aah as they walk past by them. Ancient Egypt at Universal Studios Singapore is not listed as the theme park’s attraction highlights on the Studio Guide, but I’d say that it is one of the highlights. Just the execution alone of simulating the feel and texture of ancient Egypt is absolutely something to marvel about. But then, on hindsight, the rides could have been a factor in deciding if it’s a major attraction or not.

His Pharoah-ness is far from forthcoming

There are two attractions at ersatz Egypt: Revenge of the Mummy and Treasure Hunters. Revenge of the Mummy is an indoor roller coaster ride that hurls you through darkness and throngs of warrior mummies. It sounds exciting unless you’re a roller coaster expert who prefers the motion of the Battle Star Galactica CYLON with its “intense corkscrews and cobra rolls”. Treasure Hunters sounded promising because I liked the idea of “driving” a desert jeep through an abandoned Egyptian excavation site. The wait was a little over 30 minutes but that’s not my main gripe – the ride was, which was much, much shorter than the wait. Nothing much happened except for the rotating pillars with the tacked-on scarabs and the repetitive radio announcement of the missing explorers. One would surely get a kick more from King Julien’s Beach Party-Go-Round, the crazy carousel over at Madagascar though the simulation of the excavation site and the design of the desert jeep were something to marvel about.

Attractions aside, Ancient Egypt held my attention because of two other things. Carter’s Curiosities contained some interesting replicas of historical artifact- souvenirs including the S$2,800 MM King’s Throne, but I just went for the S$4.90 bookmark. Outside of Carter’s Curiosities, the Pharaoh-on-stilts were completely arresting, as they walked with grace through the crowd of fans and onlookers. I doubt if the stilts were part of the attraction as much as the muscular pulchritude.

The royal chair for the royal bum


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  1. Posted by aoisoba on July 11, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    hmm mukang maganda yang universal studio na yan sa sg …for one thing mukang nakakabusog yung bantay heheheh


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