“Inhale, exhale


Simplify and breathe…dine out with friends


So your day is not going the way you want it.  You feel like you want to bury your head in the sand like an ostrich and hope everyone leaves you alone. That’s never going to work, obviously. Whatever ill feelings you harbour inside will only snowball and explode, and you’re still going to feel like hiding from the world. Going out alone isn’t a solution either; stewing in your own soup of frustration is the sure way to spiral into the vortex of depression and hermit-existence.

Be a social butterfly instead – call your friends and check out the new restaurant in your area, which I did. Joining the list of proper restaurants in Kalimalang, Bekasi, is Warung Tekko Bekasi, its granite façade, decked in red and a splash of orange, enticing people to try their speciality, iga (ribs). Not an iga-eater, I was certain that the menu would be teeming of other dishes I could sink my teeth in.

The two-storey restaurant was devoid of customers except for the batik-uniformed service crew (women wore bandannas unlike the men) when we stepped in around 630pm.  There was a little mossie welcome at the first table we sat at, but that didn’t deter us from trying out the menu. When our request for something to be done about the mossie welcome went unheeded, we simply moved to table 16. Directly under a ceiling fan, it was an unbeatable, non-toxic way of keeping them at arm’s length.

Perusing the menu, my beef-eating companions certainly found a haven in the restaurant. Meanwhile, I sought refuge in the vegetable section that featured two of my favourite greens, kang kong and jamur (mushroom). The kang kong and jamur crispy went well with the nasi goreng kampong – fried rice garnished liberally with chilli or left on its own – and crackers on the side. We expanded our mini buffet tab le expanded with bakmi goreng ayam (noodles with chicken) and pot of iga sup or rib soup kept hot by tea light.

Conversation flowed and meandered through guffaws and riotous laughter right down to the incongruous dessert in between bites and sips of fresh mango juice and the surprisingly very Singaporean teh tarik (the last one I had at another place had a jasmine aftertaste).  Korean ice cream, cheese cake and pangtoa oreo for dessert, is anti-climactic but far from a bad choice.

A serendipitous find with Warung Tekko Bekasi and side-bursting laughter make for one exceptional formula to beat the ostrich syndrome. Try it and you just might end up roaring like a lion.

Warung Tekko Bekasi

Jl KH Noer Ali No.14-16 Kalimalang, Bekasi Selatan

Tel: +62 021 88860608 (delivery service)

Hours: 10:30am to 10:30pm

Bill: Rupiah219, 900 for a party of three


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  1. Posted by Fistri on July 24, 2010 at 12:57 pm

    u make me hungry!


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