“Inhale, exhale


Simplify and breathe…hit the theme park”

You need to get a letter of confirmation to enter the park

I was smitten with them way back when I was in high school until my university days and, even at 40, I’m completely fascinated by them. When I learnt that Universal Studios was going to be part of one of the two integrated resorts, Resorts World Sentosa Singapore, I couldn’t wait until the doors opened and marvel, like a child, at the make-believe world.

Exchange the letter for tickets to the park and meal and souvenir vouchers

What is it with theme parks? Theme parks catapult you to a parallel dimension brimming in pleasant things (not cloyingly pleasant, that is) where everything is hunky-dory: animals and plants sing and dance, everyone has a smile across their lips and around every corner is a food trolley selling churros with chocolate dip. When I entered Universal Studios Singapore, after almost two weeks of waiting to get a ticket, whatever angst, agita and murderous thoughts I felt about my ex-boyfriend, fair-weather friends and the world at large simply vanished. It was haven walking around the American theme park without having to parry the memories of the past that left throbbing gashes in my heart. It was purely a time to enjoy the day and, thankfully, the weather was very co-operative with nothing but blue fluffy skies overhead.

The kid in me conned me through the ersatz streets of New York, sat me down at the theatre to watch monsters (Dracula and friends) in concert, and got me through the karaoke session of Shrek’s best friend, Donkey. Happy hormones – sans the exercises – meandered through my system and everything went up a notch higher when I finally espied a trolley selling the edible emblem (at least for me) of theme parks, the more-than-ruler-high cinnamon churros, which I dashed to without any preamble to my gal-pal who was left wondering where I had wandered off. Churros-stuffing was followed later on in the day with, in Starbucks parlance, venti cup of true-blue, thick chocolate milkshake from the 1950-ish diner that was peppered with vintage cars (think Grease Thunderbird) parked outside.

Pose and walk past the spinning globe and mist to enter the park

It was indeed good to feel like a kid again that Sunday in July.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Apo Aguila on August 13, 2010 at 5:42 pm

    more pics… (for my photobook). hahaha


  2. Posted by Fistri on August 14, 2010 at 10:41 am

    haha..yes i was wondering where and what the fascination with churros was about, coz I never associate churros with theme parks..but then again I havent been to much to begin with hehe

    Glad you had a good time..I know I did and remember, we need to visit again on a weekday 😉


  3. Posted by تعلم البوكر on September 7, 2010 at 9:19 am



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