It’s muggy outside and it’s the aftermath of a dramatic showdown resulting in a lifeless and interred friendship. Thoughts just swirl and swirl in a miasmal ambience that not even the panacea of chocolate – drink or bar – can alleviate, and so I plunge into the cesspool of moroseness to escape the gloom.

The least you expect to happen when you follow the right path is for the universe to turn the tables on you. In school, you were told to be kind, polite etc but when you get out into the real world it’s a whole different ball game. You undo what you learned about being nice and unknowingly (or knowingly for some) transmogrify into a back-biting, angst-ridden, narcissistic and unscrupulous banshee to survive the dog-eat-dog-world. You sharpen your claws, steel your guts and annihilate your soul: “Show no mercy” is the order of the day.

You discriminate but you’re discriminated against because of a list of reasons: height, weight, religion, political view, gender, hair, body shape, eloquence and whatever doesn’t make you part of the “in” crowd.

You fight for your love with all your heart only to discover that the love of your life can’t honour his part of the commitment you both pledged to one another.

You honour your friends only to be met with a cold silence of unanswered text messages, phone calls and e-mails.

You put your trust in people only to see it discarded like an old, unwanted toy.

You arrive on time for appointments only to wait and wait until the person arrives without an apology or a decent excuse for the tardiness.

You were told to tell the truth, which you do. In the end, you’re often lied to.

The quirks of fate play out like really funny TV sitcoms in the 1980s if you’ve surf boarded the wave of pain. It’s one twisted joke of the universe when you’re doubling over in pain and your chest starts to tighten by the nanosecond. Yet through all the quirks in my life I’ve dug, am digging and will dig into my jar of faith. Venceremos!


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