It’s not every day that you serendipitously stumble upon a nicely done chicken steak that’s juicy and tender, and the mushroom sauce is just right to tickle the palate. More so, the cut-up carrots and broccoli are steamed to perfection – and did I mention that they were fresh as well? Lastly, the side order of fries was packed with the goodness of McDonald’s fries (sans the salt in my case). In Bekasi, finding decent Western food – the generic phrase for steaks, fries and pasta in Asia – is like dowsing for gold. But, at times, your dowser rods do work and mine led me to MDS Steak, a restaurant a few steps away from the entrance to Global Prestasi School. Actually, it led me to my American colleague who, after judging a wearisome, mind-numbing debate, invited me to lunch at this new place.

“I usually eat here every Friday to break away from the monotony of cafeteria food,” he prattled away, as we walked to MDS Steak.

The high-ceiling place is spacious and several couches and long tables were neatly arranged in rows in the middle and the side. But, honestly, it does need a bit of work in terms of ambience. Then again, maybe ambience is the farthest from the chef-owner’s mind who, I discovered, was a former chef with Hilton International and Shangri-la Jakarta and, as his replicated certificates on the wall stated, he’s very well versed in the art of cooking meat. His tagline, after all, reads “Great taste guaranteed” putting ambience in the back seat.

“The price is reasonable and the food is good,” continued my American colleague of the virtues of his newly found culinary haven.

Like all non-hotel restaurants and franchises, the TV suspended from the wall parallel to us was blaring away as I perused the menu, which was divided into Western Food and Indonesian Food. My eyes scanned the selection under Western, skipping the page on Indonesian food that enumerated delicacies like the spicy Ayam Goreng Petir, Iga or sop goreng and nasi goreng for obvious reason. Steak choices listed down included tenderloin, sirloin, fish and steak – all with the option of dousing them with mushroom sauce or pepper sauce.  I would have ordered Fish & Chips or fish steak that day but fresh-water tilapia doesn’t sit well with me so I settled for chicken steak with mushroom sauce instead, which turned out to be a very good lunch choice.

I tried the pasta carbonara the second time I was there – I should have told them to hold the bacon bits and to add a little more sauce. On a sweet high note though, the chocolate milkshake was thick and smooth to the taste.  

Talk about stumbling upon gold in Bekasi! MDS Steak provides a welcome break from lunch at the cafeteria, giving a culinary high to the dulled taste buds. It’s also a nice quiet place to quickly recharge for the next set of classes in the afternoon and, it goes without saying, it’s a smoker’s refuge for a discreet puff.

MDS Steak

Komplek Global Prestasi School – LIA Kalimalang

JL KH Noer Alie No. 9 Kampung Dua Bekasi Berat

Tel: 021 36951115

Hours: 10am – 10pm

Prices: Rp20, 000 for chicken steak and pasta

             Rp35, 000 for tenderloin

             Rp25, 000 for fish steak


One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Hady :D on August 29, 2010 at 2:48 pm

    You must taste the Vanilla Milkshake. That makes you want to drink more and more 🙂

    I want to eat the spaghetti on Wednesday. Ask Ms Shine too 😀


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