The green tea latte feels hot in my hands
I blow through the lid, my thoughts ricocheting left, right and center
What if you learned that my thoughts
Carried your smile and frown
Your laughter, witty retorts even your lame rejoinders
Your wiry frame
Your crooked teeth
Will you suddenly walk away from me? Or will you torment me with your silence?
I could let you go but I always come back to where my last thought left you
It was all a surprise – this you have to know
The recursion was a grip that came tight and intense              
– My chest tightened as I caught my breath
It was a feeling I hadn’t felt before
A feeling that I didn’t want to admit, a feeling I buried long ago
Or, at least, I thought I did through the years I faced you
Then my world slipped and everything was in Technicolor
Your voice soothed the tumultuous din
I sleep wrapped in the embrace of my dreams of you
Be still my heart – I would caution myself as I met your namesakes
I’m stricken with fear and panic of the past and charged with what could be
A voice inside my head shouts out it’s time to face the possibility of the future
Its twin bellows prudence and forethought
Is there a way out of this sticky situation?
Perhaps the answer lies in another mug of green tea latte or perhaps a macchiato

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