There’s nothing like a good laugh on a day that’s not going your way. En route to Grand Indonesia, to the BCA main branch after finding the service at the Jatibening branch appalling, talk centered on the hilarious ways that the English language is comprehended.

Who’s running?

Person A: Hi, nice to meet you. So what you do?

Person B: I run a restaurant.

Person: Huh? Why are you running inside a restaurant?

When I heard that vignette from my boss I was laughing so hard I thought my sides would split. I momentarily forgot the hassles that opened my Friday morning.

And your name is?

Person A:  What is your name?

Person B: Yudhono.

Person A: No, I don’t. What’s your name?

Person B: Yudhono

And the conversation goes on and on.

Remember the English phrase you don’t know? It translates into the name Yudhono in Bahasa Indonesia.

No need to be rude

This one happened while I was in Singapore and confirming with a former flat mate the place of our meeting.

Me: We’re meeting tomorrow around 3pm right? So where are we meeting?

Friend: Whatever.

Me: Hello, where are we meeting?

Friend: Whatever.

I thought she was in one of her moods hence the not-so-nice reply. It turned out that she was talking about Whatever Café, this yoga place, healing space, vegetarian café and bookstore at 20 Keong Saik Road.


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