The lines in the book of Elizabeth Gilbert that had me laughing were the lines – the ones that I can remember – she wrote in connection with her problems with meditation and how her mind would stray to the most inconsequential things while trying hard to find a connection with herself and the universe. I meditate myself and I can certainly relate to that situation. It takes me several minutes to realize that I’ve gone off the path that my practice loses a bit of its tranquillity as I reined in my thoughts guiltily.

I never thought that describing fruits would have a funny ring to them and that a Spanish actor saying them in English can be alluring. That was the nice surprise in the movie adaptation of the novel Eat, Pray and Love. Javier Bardem, who plays the role of Felipe, the new lover  of Elizabeth (played by Julia Roberts), dons the hat of a tour guide to familiarise  the New Yorker around Bali, revealing the secrets of what I’m guessing is Ubud with all the rice paddies, narrow roads and temples dotting the cinematic frames.

Elizabeth asks what the red, hairy fruit is.

“Oh, think of an orange having made love to a plum,” replied Javier/Felipe in a serious tone.

Laughter in the cinema especially from the back row where I am seated

Next, Elizabeth asks what the green, spiky fruit is.

“That tastes bad. It tastes like rotten feet,” said Javier/Felipe in a cautionary tone.

Another wave of laughter in the cinema – again from the back row

Sans Ketut the medicine man and rice paddies, it was almost a Gilbert moment on a Sunday in sunny Jakarta except for the praying part. Lunch was at Marche and Javier made me laugh. I haven’t had a chance to chat with the universe yet.


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  1. Thanks for sharing. 🙂


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