When you get to a certain age – like in your 40s – the simple things in life suddenly become the most important things and you end up wishing fervently for them to be within your reach. If there was a shooting star, I would wish for…



Enjoy a large milk shake at Mel's, the diner at Universal Studios Sentosa

1. Milkshakes – Enjoy milkshakes that is without having to worry about calories or an upset tummy.


2. Theme park rides – I’m talking being able to get into any ride in Universal Studios or Disneyland or the London Eye and not stagger out and fall flat on my face because the world’s spinning. I envy those who brave such vertiginous rides and still walk terra firma straight and steady.


 3. Records – I miss vinyl records; there’s something about records. I loved playing the old stereo when I was a child and I played the Sesame Street album over and over again.

 4.  Potions factory – Wouldn’t be great to buy potions to banish heartaches, loneliness, depression, depression, jealousy and almost all negative emotions?

 Here I go: “Heart light, heart bright, what I desire feels so right.  I wish I may,  I wish I might, have this wish come true tonight.”


When will Puss-in-Boots open a franchise outside of the kingdom?

Put another dime in the juke box

Whirly-twirly Jurassic Park ride at Universal Sentosa, Singapore


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