“Inhale, exhale


Simplify and breathe… dig into cheese cake

and drop in two tokens

 Unlike other people who bounce back from disappointments in their lives in a very short time, it takes me a bit longer to get back on track. Mix disappointment with bubbling anger and moving on is almost forever stalled. I call it passion at the opposite side of the spectrum. Passion is what guides me through everything – teaching, friendships and relationships, writing, discussions, finishing tons of projects and reading.  Even little things such as text messages, email, meeting up or chatting on YM are imbued with so much passion that an infraction is like a volcanic eruption times three. Dovetailed with passion is a very high-sense of expectation from people I respect and consider to be very important people in my life so imagine when expectations are not met.

The agent-wannabe with the shawl

As I’ve whined in some of my blog entries, the universe has a wicked sense of humour especially when it comes to me, not to forget her penchant for dousing me with lessons on patience. But, at any rate, after I’ve indulged my “why-me-world” complex for a time (somewhere between days to years), I crawl out of that abyss and search for something to lift up my spirits. Simply put, I take a walk in the landscape of tabula rasa.


Yoga and spa sessions are long-term perk-me-ups, which, at times, are hard to indulge in given the traffic layout of Indonesia and, well, my hectic schedule. But during the recent weekend, I stumbled upon serendipitous finds, which oozed with simplicity that I was completely gobsmacked at the thought that I hadn’t come across them before. It was just right under my nose!

The first discovery was courtesy of my boss. She took us – the disgruntled trio – to Cheese Cake Factory one late Saturday afternoon. I was suddenly hurled back to my childhood days when my father would take my sister and me out for ice cream just to cheer us up or soothed frayed nerves. That Saturday it was more than ice cream – it was ice cream plus cake. Can you say hooray?

We got a table for five quickly and perused the menu of delectable treats of the glass-walled outlet at Jl Tebet Barat Dalam Raya No. 23, which was a very pleasant surprise. Bakeries and pastry stores in Bekasi were nowhere near the calibre of this cake place. The Opera was waving at me furiously, beckoning me to plunge that fork into layers of almond sponge, butter cream, chocolate butter cream and ganache. Done! A slice of Opera was coming soon as well as a scoop of green tea ice cream – it’s to balance the sweetness, I say, and stay healthy. I’m gunning, on my next trip, for a slice of the Mixed Fruit: a creamy cheesecake tart piled high with fruits.

Next discovery was Time Crisis IV at Cinema XXI at Mega Bekasi, and that I am not a good shot and will definite flub a mission. The last time I was in an arcade was eons ago, shooting at zombies with my favourite verbal jousting partner who couldn’t hide his annoyance at my lack of weapon precision. Not fair – he had training at the police academy so he was a pretty good shot. Whatever grim thoughts floating through my mind were – not surprisingly – gone: I cleared area 2 of helicopters, enemy soldiers and little Terror Bugs with a shot gun, hand gun, shot gun, machine gun and grenade, and endured heavy fire for about a minute. I was also poorer by 20 tokens.

Cheese cake and tokens – they’re indubitably temporary relief from the gnawing disillusionment inside me. Now, can someone please point me to the direction of long-term relief from disappointment?



2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Diandio on November 29, 2010 at 4:42 pm

    Enjoyed reading this, will check back soon!


  2. Posted by thejellyfarm on December 3, 2010 at 5:40 am

    hope you are finding the peace within as each day goes by…that I feel is the happy juice for me 🙂 XX


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