Like clockwork, the first one arrives at the crack of dawn beating the first alarm setting on her Samsung EDGE. The sing-song call blasts through the air in the hynagogic neighbourhood soon to welcome Helios’ grand entrance and well-wishes of a new day. The simple melody wafts through the cool December morning, slipping through the gap in my window and fluttering gently around my stirring consciousness.

Sari Roti…Roti Sari goes the jingle, getting stronger as it reaches close proximity to my bedroom window.

Breakfast on the go courtesy of Sari Roti

Between 530am  and 540am, Sari Roti man, as I am wont to call him now, pedals through the sleepy Prima Lingkar Asri community inviting early risers to get their breakfast of buns teeming with fillings of strawberry, sri kaya (loosely translated as coconut jam), cheese, chocolate and chocolate-cheese. The vendor is a young man in his mid-20s, slightly tanned and almost wiry. He smiles as you flag him down and opens his portable bakery shelf, hardly uttering a word until you ask him for the other flavours he has. He’s not one to hard sell although he suggests softly to her to try the sri kaya bun. In a matter of minutes, the buns in the plastic carriers, he pedals away to the next house.

The second one’s arrival at 5ish signals snack time for those feeling peckish. Its sing-song call –  Sakura Roti – blasts through the buzzing community ready to unwind and let go of the stresses of the day. His motorised bike is not difficult to spot with its bulky and silver pillion rider. Unlike his fraternal twin, he is older perhaps by a few years or a decade yet he is not unlike in the smile that creases his face as he pulls up at the kerb after you’ve flagged him down. Sliding off his seat, he proudly presents his largesse-for-sale and, like his twin, silently watches as you inspect the wrapped roti (Indonesian for bread).

Snack time is brought to you by Sakura Bakery

“Ada ayam sosis, Pak?”  she asks.

“Maaf, Ibu. Ayam sosis selasai,” he replies apologetically and launches into a soft recitation of the Sakura Bakery menu. His bakery-on-wheels is a cornucopia of loaves and buns for breakfast, tea and pre-and post-dinner that leaves one looking forward to the next bite of the soft breads.

 “Ada sapi sosis, pisang coklat-keju, sri kaya, pizza dan kacang merah,” he says without breaking rhythm.

In minutes, the buns of pisang coklat-keju, sri kaya dan kacang merah are in her possession and the payment with him.  He hops on his bike and speeds off to the next Sakura lover.

Photography by Alvin Tismo


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by shine on December 10, 2010 at 2:44 pm

    aaaaaahhhhhhh! my lovely soma on your blog! sari roti..yo!makan sari roti!hehehe


  2. Posted by Fistri on December 10, 2010 at 4:48 pm

    aww..tts the best thing about living in get food on the go just by staying put need to dial in, just let your arms and lungs do the work 🙂


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