There’s a lot to be said about the vendors that ply the roads of Prima Lingkar Asri every day. For a new resident of the community, it spells convenient a la Indonesia. Given the traffic situation and distance of places in the country, it’s a welcome visit, at times, from these hardworking entrepreneurs who brave the heat and rain especially when you’re feeling a tad lethargic to get dressed, head out and do errands.

The hardware store right at your doorstep or gate

Second, I find myself grateful for what I have and that whatever stresses and aberrations I’ve experienced are nothing compared to what they’re going through – be it the bread seller, food seller or hard ware sales man. Business is hard to come by especially if you’re not in the market for sharp implements or gear around the house. How often does one buy kitchen knives or locks or gardening tools? Such products don’t sell fast like the Sakura Bakery and Sari Roti buns and loaves.

Knives, saws, screw drivers - look and you shall find what you're looking for

Finally, aside from being grateful, I find the shift in perspective comforting. It bursts the bubble of ignorance and apathy that tends to wrap people whenever they’re in their comfort zones. It pushes me to avoid complacency like the plague and to focus on the important things in life such as self development, peace, amity, passion and contentment.

Photography by Alvin Tismo


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