If other people turn into the Scrooge during Christmas I, on the other hand, usually mutate into one on the month of Valentine’s Day, reaching full mutation on the 14th. As the rest plan their romantic dinner and second-guess what their partners will give them (aside from the requisite bouquets of flowers, preferably red roses), I don’t give it much thought especially after all the relationship horror stories (two-timing bastards, non-committal attitude, indecisiveness – you get the drift) I’ve heard and read, and my own battered heart. I do have a sense of decorum and not rain on the parade of lovers out to paint the town red. And I do admire one aspect of it – the cute renderings of the impish Cupid whose aim that leaves one exhilarated and wounded at the same breath. I also mull over the pulchritudinous Aphrodite and her numerous affairs.

Irksome flashbacks of former jejune colleagues stomping their feet in mock anger of an imagined transgression of their lovers would inundate my thoughts at this time of the year. These colleagues related what they’d do if their lovers didn’t present them with bouquet of flowers together with some expensive item. But recollections of couples walking the streets of Orchard carrying their bouquets and stuffed toys sent me giggling too – it was a bloody parade of the huge divide between the little bouquets (the have-nots) and gargantuan bouquets (the haves).

Love can be beautiful but not when you’re recuperating from the spanner thrown at you by the universe. When I was in the midst of a terrible break-up most of the people – they were well-meaning people – mouthed the cliché “it’s not too late to love”. The phrase just bounced off my mind having shunned romantic love. Me-time was top priority: reading, practicing yoga, watching movies, playing badminton and blogging. A year or so later, the Scrooge in me still resurfaces but not as acrimonious as before. Am I ready to be Cupid’s next target? I prefer to keep a low profile and observe from a distance – for now.


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  1. Posted by thejellyfarm on February 4, 2011 at 3:21 pm

    It’s ok Liana – I totally get you and what you’re saying. I’ve learnt to accept that Valentine’s Day is a day that goes beyond just romantic conceptions and that it’s a day to express love for friends and family. Back when I was still naive about love and romance, I used to dread V-day (esp in the US where they made a big brouhaha about it) because everyone else had plans and I had none. I was lonely and drove around town those nights just wasting the evening away, glad that whenever it was done with, I could look forward to the next day. These days, I’ve realised that it is all a marketing ploy by businesses to make profits and market it as a day of romance just to sell us an idea.

    It doesn’t mean you’re any less worthy of love because you already have it in you. Love should be something that can be expressed everyday, when you get the chance. Once you go past the gloss of the whole event; the teddies, chocolate hearts and romantic dinners, love is not really in those things at all, are they?

    Sigh — I’m not sure if that made you feel better but certainly I’m pretty jaded about the whole V-Day thing. I’m quite sure that if I ever had a lover, I wouldn’t even care about it at all because it’s all marketing hype. Anyway, I’m not into flowers or romantic dinners. Hell, in fact, thanks to bad relationships, I’ve lowered my expectations tremendously of anything that has to do with romance. LOL!

    What would be important for me is that my partner is thoughtful and kind at least everyday of his/her life. And if that is already there and I’m part of the receiving end of it, then everyday would be a V-Day, wouldn’t it? 🙂

    Happy Valentine’s Day sweetpea!!! XX


  2. Posted by fistri on February 4, 2011 at 5:43 pm

    Valentine’s is every retailer’s dream machine,nothing more than that. When I was younger yes it affected me a bit (well how could we not when the whole universe esp when you live in shopping haven SIngapore seems to scream buy something or get something to show you are loved or being loved and if you have none you’re one sad worthless dot) and yes I was one of the smug ones when I got a bouquet from a friend on the day but after awhile I look at the bouquet parading couples and whole schema of things and think how sad things are.

    Is love measured by how you spent on that one particular day (when everything and anything romantic is 10x more expensive than usual)? Isnt love suppose to be everlasting? Isnt love suppose to be for everyone and anyone and not restricted to romantic love itself?


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