“Inhale, exhale


Simplify and breathe…then let go


Holding onto something can be trying especially when you’re holding onto a love that will never be. It’s difficult to let go because there’s hope in your heart that that special someone will one day come back. I’ve learned to let go not of the love, but the hope that he will come back. It’s that hope that leaves me reeling in pain; it’s that glimmer of hope, which lifts me up to cloud nine only to let go of me in mid air. I let hope go slowly by putting it in a box, piece by piece, in my mind, telling myself that it’s all part of the process of letting go and moving on. I look forward to eventually filling up the box, sealing it and forever locking it up in this huge box.

What helps me in making this process of letting go easy is when I lock myself in a sanctuary swathed in lush greenery. It’s a place that’s away from the din of the big city; it’s a place that’s comfortable and pleasantly quiet; and it’s a place I can read, let my thoughts roam, look without seeing and just savor the moment of that moment. This hard-to-come-by refuge is where the past is kept at bay; the present gently drifts by like a leaf rocked by the wind and the future bids its time in making its grand entrance. There’s no rush, no hurry, no deadlines, no worry.

Throw in a cup of piping hot ginger tea and I’m set to disappear momentarily from the chaos of the world and my heart.

Photography by Alvin Tismo


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