Picking out the six of swords in a pack of tarot cards is reason enough to pack your bags and travel to your haven. The six of swords is a signal to go on a journey, to travel near or to water. It’s a journey that one undertakes when one is feeling crazed and on the verge of sanity. It’s a journey of recovering what has been lost momentarily – spark, balance, joy and good health. It’s a time for centering, collecting one’s thoughts and finding that sense of serenity again.

I stumbled into my new private haven in Bali through a friend who took care of the details for our all-girls’ weekend. It’s quiet but not morose. It’s private but not isolated. It’s exclusive but not supercilious. Seated on the steps fronting the pool or on the sofa overlooking the pool, the clouds – on a good day – float lazily by and the cool breezes meander through the villa on a wet day. Drinking a cup of cappuccino and a book in hand, it’s the perfect haven to recuperate and rejuvenate.

It's pure bliss and tranquility in your own villa

It’s called Mutiara Bali Resorts and Villa and lies in Seminyak, right in the heart of the Food Street and row of boutiques.


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  1. Posted by fis on March 22, 2011 at 3:14 pm

    lovely!! you deserve the getaway gal!


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