One can head to Kuta and stay in one of the posh hotels, but the place is crawling with tourists that it seems that you never went on holiday. Even a day on Kuta beach is far from relaxing with the continuous flow of humanity: roaming vendors hawking their wares, and surfers and travelers strolling, getting a massage, their hair braided, or checking out the waves. Besides, as a friend said, “It’s mostly for backpackers” and I don’t doubt her one bit given the fact that she’s Indonesian who had lived in Bali for a period of time.

The entrance to serenity and bliss

If one is seeking sanctuary in Bali – not exactly like Elizabeth Gilbert’s definition of the word – the place to be is Seminyak. There are several villas to choose as the ultimate refuge from the vicissitudes of the world for a few days. One villa called my name, its combination of wood and concrete in its architectural make-up capturing my interest the first time I browsed through the image gallery. Another pull-factor was the serene milieu it exuded – you saw people yet you still had a strong sense of privacy, which didn’t translate into isolation and desolation. The manicured garden in the villa, which greets the temporary resident when they enter, leave and get up in the morning was an overwhelming reason to stay at Mutiara Bali Resort and Villas and forget about the rest.

Savour the peace, sun, silence and foliage

The bedroom is spacious, opening to a homey terrace-foyer like area fitted with an outdoor living room and fully-furnished kitchen. Sit on the sofa, sip your cappuccino and gaze at the little waves undulating in the pool as the breeze dips and sways. Breakfast is cooked at the time you order it; popular choices for my gal pals and I were Continental and American. An Irish breakfast was too heavy with its fried sausages as with the Indonesian breakfast of nasi goreng (fried rice).

Mutiara Bali Resort and Villas is located in the up market area of the west coast beaches. It’s a 30-minute from the airport, Ngurah Rai, and Petitenget Beach is a leisurely 10-minute stroll while Oberoi Street (a.k.a. Food Street) is just five minutes away from the resort. There are 29 resort rooms, nine deluxe villas and eight suite villas. Our one-bedroom villa had, apart from the private pool and furnished kitchen, a King-size bed, water dispenser, music player, DVD player and wireless Internet connection.  The boutique resort also boasts a main pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, 24-room service and laundry service, a gym and Mutiara Spa.

What shall it be? Pancakes or scrambled eggs?

Outside, on the main street, is a row of boutiques showcasing the couture by local designers that cost a bomb, said my friend. Locally made sandals and accessories also dot the streets alongside Japanese and Italian restaurants such as Kokoyo and Rumours respectively as well as the ubiquitous Alfa Mart convenience store that is always packed with tourists loading up on basic necessities or lining up at the ATMs.

Dig into the most important meal of the day


Mutiara Bali Resort and Villas

Jalan Braban no. 88 Br. Taman

Seminyak, Bali, Indonesia

Tel: +62 361 734966 | Fax: +62 361 735375

E-mail: |



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