The concept was pretty beguiling especially as a way to end a hectic week. Somewhere deep within Galaxy area was an outdoor food place called Galaxy Food Center, which starts feeding hungry residents and whatnot at 7pm. What tickled my fancy was the thought that it was outdoors and having dinner. Christmas-like lights, but a bit more subdued, were strung over head the diners, giving an illusion of savoring a repast under the stars. Tables suited for two to six diners were arranged in the center of the squarely laid-out food place while the cooking stations surrounded the tables, with exit-entrance points established at the front of the food center.

Food stations run the gamut of western cuisine (think grilled chicken and steak, fish and chips and pasta) and local dishes (picture nasi goreng, mee goreng, satay and local vegetables). One station had a group of teenagers reeling under the effect of the sheesha pipe they were, obviously relishing while others were seriously sitting down to their dinners. The drink stall featured the usual alpukat (avocado), jeruk (orange) and mangga (mango) juices and the not-so-common cold dessert es sekoteng. Es sekoteng, I discovered were the little red sago/pearls that decorated the cold dessert concoction of ice, avocado and coconut and condensed milk. It wasn’t bad at all except for the fact that the ice should have been shaved ice, not chunks of ice suited for cola drinks.

Two stalls had me laughing quietly when I perused their menus. I don’t think Gordon Ramsay would have them set foot on his Master Chef show but I not quite sure about Anthony Bourdain. The latter, who’s less high-strung than the foul-mouthed English chef, might just have a go at the dishes.

Not quite sure how blue chicken tastes

Where's the beef? And the chicken?


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