Breakfast and lunch by Ibu Ine

Jalan Caman (pronounced Chaman) is a hive of activities on the weekends. In front of Prima Lingkar Asri is a plethora of food stalls that lure people from the various areas surrounding Bekasi as early as 730 a.m. to savour the goodness of local delicacies. On one Sunday, I chanced upon my students – a brother and sister – who were having breakfast after coming from church. The brother was a fan of my favourite food stall.

The pavement on Jalan Caman has been claimed by the food entrepreneurs peddling their food items that make for a hearty breakfast after church or a simple lazy weekend. One stall, for instance, sells roti chanai (Singaporeans call it roti prata) and lontong with sayur (tubular rice with vegetables) while one sells pisang goreng (crispy banana fritters) and other savoury snacks. The one stall that I’ve been frequenting is the Super Zoupa Italian Food stall run by the energetic and cheerful Ibu Ine and her friends.

Wait and savour the Zoupa Soup of Ibu Ine

A huge green oven hums, baking the sought-after puff pastry cream soup and very-cheesy baked macaroni, under the watchful eye of Ibu Ine while her companions attend to the growing orders from customers. On certain weekends, Ibu Ine throws in ayam bakar (grilled chicken) in the menu but it’s becoming a rarity these days. It’s very brisk business as the customers never wane, and if you come later than 730 a.m. pray that Ibu Ine has some extra bowls stashed away somewhere. If you miss it, Ibu Ine advises, as she did a downhearted customer who came just when the last bowl was sold, “I have at the tennis courts of Kemang Pratama.”

The prices won’t burn a hole in your pocket and which is why most often cart away several bowls or pans. A bowl of the cream soup – you bring home the glass bowl – costs Rp13,000 while a medium aluminium pan of macaroni is Rp10,000.

Parking is not a problem – they park in front of the establishments at the other side of the pavement or the entrance to Prima Lingkar Asri, as the security guards don’t seem to mind.

Eat it on site or pack it to go

Super Zoupa Italian Food

Zoupa soup, macaroni, panggang saos keju

In front of Prima Langkar Asri Jatibening or tennis courts at Kemang Pratama

For orders: 081 584 555 345 | 021 9183 8354 (Ibu Ine)


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