“Inhale, exhale


Simplify and breathe…up, up and away!”


They hit like seven-foot waves without warning, laying you flat on your bedroom floor when the blues come, and just when you’re about to get up, bang! A mini wave sweeps you off your feet and you land on your bum with a thud and a feeling inside that’s as huge and unfathomable as a black hole. No matter where you are – the Philippines, Singapore or Indonesia – you’re at a lost at the next step. Normally, digging deep into your barrel of hope and positive energy that will get you out of that gargantuan rut you’re wallowing it. But when you hit the bottom of the barrel and there’s no store nearby to buy another barrel, what do you do next?

Faced with that quandary, I made up my mind to get it off my chest by updating my status on Facebook, saying “….is thinking of what to do next because she’s already reached the bottom of the barrel of hope and positive energy.” Instead of keeping it bottled inside I would let the universe know of my inner turmoil. Surprisingly, the universe didn’t answer in its usual bizarre, gut-wrenching way. In fact, it prodded several friends of mine (old and new) to offer advice with candour of which some were simple that I wondered why I never thought of them myself.

Foyan advised that I have a go at a bag of clover chips (yum). They’re munchies from the Philippines, which I don’t have an allergic reaction to, and figured prominently in my childhood days. Too bad, unlike in Singapore where bags are available at Lucky Plaza, there are none to be found in Indonesia. Lay’s potato chips aren’t really a good substitute.

Meanwhile, Apo wrote,  “Sayaw na lang tayo.” That put a grin on my face. That’s not a bad plan especially when I just decide to fly off to Cebu for some sun, surf and sea, and hang out with him.


Patricia told me to go back to Singapore while Anton said I should go on a vacation. Combining their suggestions, I came up with a plan to head to Singapore for a couple of days soon.

Gal-pal Persis’s suggestion was to “run in a field of happy, happy magnolias.” It’s hard to find gorgeous beds of flowers in Jakarta so I decided to run-walk on the treadmill and make-believe I was in a cycling marathon in spinning class. That should get the happy hormone going.

All the suggestions were pointing to one direction for me when I hit the bottom of the barrel, which another friend, Bob, succinctly summed up in his suggestion of “the only way is up.”


I cannot wallow at the bottom because that’s just giving up on everything so, heeding those “voices” from Facebook, I refused to look down bottom and thought only of going up. Taking note of what my friends suggested and making good on Walter’s advice of getting another barrel, I head to Coffeebean Tea Leaf more often for more of that alternative barrel: tall size ice- blended pure vanilla, a slice of cake and a good book.

Up, up and away!



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