D & D

I will say it again – finding good food around Bekasi is like engaging in a never-ending treasure hunt, and which is why a trip to Jakarta is a necessity when one wants a repast of, say, Japanese, Chinese or Western food. This time the hunt was on for d & d or dim sum and dessert. I’ve always fancied dim sum ever since dining in this restaurant in San Francisco ages ago with a family friend. I was intrigued by the cart rolled to our table and the offerings of dim sum in the steam baskets, which proved to be delectable. The bite-size portion was smooth on the palate and doesn’t leave one with a guilty feeling of having binged. In Singapore, Crystal Jade was my favourite haunt for dim sum delights particularly har kau (also spelled har gau, har kau, har gao, ha gao, ha gow, ha gau, har gaw, ha gaw, har kaw, ha gaau, har cow or har gaau according to Wikipedia) or steamed prawn dumpling that resembles a bonnet.

My latest food-hunt led me to Din Tai Fung at Plaza Senayan, which I completely ignored in Singapore after having a meal there one time that left me not wholly satisfied, one fine Friday evening. The place was packed but, in almost perfect synchronicity, there was always a table ready for new hungry customers and which didn’t stay empty for too long. Clean, minimalist interior deco aside, the service was pleasantly efficient (read: fast and they got the order right) and, despite the crowd, the din was bearable.

Peel the paper and skin then bite into sweet red bean

Zooming in on the dim sum section of the menu, it became a healthy dinner with choices of sayuran (vegetable) dumpling and shao mai udang (shrimp dumpling) dipped in ginger-soy sauce for the main course. For dessert, I bit into a bao tausa (red bean bun that’s a tad difficult to find in Indonesia unlike in Singapore) and dug into my puding lidah buaya (aloe vera pudding).

Aloe vera pudding (foreground) & and mango pudding for dessert


Din Tai Fung Noodle Bar

Plaza Senayan Lt. 3 Unit 318C



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