It’s easy to rattle off the reasons why someone loves to visit a place. I would love to visit London again because I’m intrigued by the historical ambience – current and halcyon days – surrounding the centre and, hopefully, this time cross over to Paris to visit dear friends of mine. San Francisco is another city I would to love to visit again. It’s been years since I walked down Fisherman’s Wharf! I fell in love with the city the first time I set foot in it. It’s alive but not chaotic; it’s compact but not crowded; it’s cool but not wintry. It was my family’s favourite destination on weekends from Palo Alto.

Bali, Indonesia, is also a favourite place for me to escape to. There’s this sense of peace and calm that settles in me whenever I’m there whenever I find myself gazing the blue sky. Rainy days don’t diminish the feeling one bit. I would love to visit Vietnam too; my plans were scrapped during the height of SARS and I never got around to planning a trip there again. My friends have mixed reaction about Vietnam: a good friend loves it to bits while an ex-best friend swore he’d never go back.

Some people would add Singapore to the list. It is, undoubtedly, a good tourist destination given, for example, the new casino resort and theme park on Sentosa Island and events such as the F1 Grand Prix, Biennale Art Festival etc. It has also provided great shopping experiences for all tourists during the Great Singapore Sale that stretches for six weeks in the middle of the year. But visiting a country is different from living in a country. Tourist attractions aside, there are 11 reasons to love living in Singapore for a while when you’re single with a nomadic soul.


Changi Airport is every traveller’s haven whether you’ve just landed or about to take off. The layout of the airport is far from cramped, giving the traveller that breathing space and eliminating that sense of frantic. There are places to eat breakfast, lunch, tea and dinner, shop, log on to the Internet and even have a foot massage. Luggage trolleys are readily available at the entrance of the airport and signs are strategically placed for everyone to see. It’s accessible. You can take the taxi, bus or train to the airport and you won’t get anxious in getting caught in traffic.

Shop or window shop at Changi Airport

Spinelli breakfast at Changi before your flight

Train rides

Going around Singapore is so easy and convenient with the trains, which are clean, fitted with easy-to-read location maps and signage, spacious and punctual. A plus point is that some stations have shopping area and eateries for that spur-of-the-moment purchase and quick bite.


Bus stops  & bins

Buses are another way to get around Singapore. It’s easy to hail and alight from a bus from the clean bus stops, which are carefully labelled and fitted with the schedule and maps as well as a huge garbage bin where you can conveniently get rid of your rubbish.



Locality Maps

For someone who has a hard time reading maps, the locality maps located inside and outside the train stations are blessings. They’re very detailed and easy to understand.


Pedestrian Crossing

I love the green man! Press the button and he comes out, giving you the right to cross the street. It’s hard crossing the streets of Bekasi because the green man is nowhere to be found!



Ad boards

I am not much of a fan of gargantuan ad boards but there’s something about ads in Singapore. They’re eye-catching. If they’re not posted on buses, they’re posted outside like this huge ad of Abercrombie & Fitch at Knightsbridge store on Orchard Road.



Recycling bins

Singapore is big on recycling and recycling stations are almost everywhere including malls such as this prominent station at City Square Mall on Kitchener Road. It’s good to know that one is doing his/her part in helping the environment by throwing rubbish away properly.


No to Smoking

This huge poster – one of several – was posted inside the departure/arrival platform of the train station at Toa Payoh. It’s great encouragement to those who are still smoking and to those thinking of puffing on the stick. But Singapore is no stranger to the no-smoking ban; they’ve successfully implemented the policy that the country is virtually smoke-free.


Aside: Manila is getting its act together vis-à-vis smoking in public. The Metro Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has made places such as malls, schools, hospitals, bus terminals and public parking lots off limits to smokers.  MMDA, in a report in The Philippine Star, will work with the Philippine National Police in implementing the smoking ban in public places in Manila, Quezon City, Pasay, Caloocan and Mandaluyong. I wonder when Indonesia will seriously implement the smoking ban and designated smoking and non-smoking areas.


Hollywood blockbusters

 Pirates of the Caribbean IV, X-men, Green Lantern, and Transformers – watching these easy-on-the-mind films is a great way to end a stressful work week or start a lazy weekend. These popular Hollywood films are most certainly showing in all the theatres in Singapore unlike in Indonesia, which has ostracised Hollywood producers-distributors with the new tax scheme.



Shoppers are never ever without choices whether they’re doing their grocery-shopping at Cold Storage or FairPrice. They don’t go home frustrated because the variety of, for example, oil olive and packaged karaage chicken is endless!


Squeaky clean

Buildings look like they’ve just been painted and the walkways just paved while the shrubbery and sheltered walkways are well maintained. Rubbish is collected regularly and sidewalks/void decks are always swept clean. Housing complexes are absolutely clean and safe.

Now who was it that said I was jaded about Singapore? I have 11 reasons to love this little red dot on the map despite cultural differences, failed friendships and heartaches.


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  2. Posted by fistri on July 8, 2011 at 10:29 am

    wait…failed friendships?? what about us?? *boo hoo hoo* hehe am waiting for you to come back end of july!!


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