Ice cream was the treat for everything when I was kid – good grades, bad days, birthdays, Christmas and trips to the dentist. Magnolia was the ice cream to grace the table, sharing the spotlight with Selecta and Arce. On family outings to the malls, Coney Island was a treat and so was Diary Queen, the older one before its current resurrection.

Ice cream is still a treat for me these days to chase away the stress, stressful colleagues, broken heart and the blues. Cold Stone is a new favourite alongside Baskin & Robbins. I wasn’t a fan of gelato but it’s slowly growing on me after I got a taste of it at Amici, a popular Italian joint in Manila that has myriad branches in the city. I usually frequent the one on Tomas Morato, Quezon City, and go for a scoop of tiramisu, which has taken a back seat – for now – to my new favourite, Sans Rival.

Enjoy a scoop or two at Amici


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  1. Yup i love gelato too. And amici’s gelato is really good. i go there whenever I’m in Morato area.


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