Mention cake and my eyes get all twinkly and a huge smile crosses my face. I’m a walking sweet tooth. Estrel’s cake is the number one cake on my list but it’s getting harder to have a slice of it because, literally, they don’t sell slices. You have to order a cake way in advance, which is frustrating especially when you’re aching to sink your teeth into the soft chiffon cake smothered by gorgeous smooth caramel icing dotted by delicious icing flowers.

Dine inside or "al fresco" at Secret Recipe

With Estrel’s cake out of reach, I satisfy my cake-craving elsewhere. There’s the Banoffee Pie at Starbucks in the Philippines, which, for a sweet tooth, is really saccharinely sweet. Then there’s the cheesecake and chocolate pie a la mode from NYDC as well as Pontini’s too-die-for tiramisu in Singapore. A gal-pal of mine based swears by Secret Recipe. Aside from having a bonafide halal kitchen, lamb-eaters in Singapore are bowled over by the Irish lamb stew served with baked mashed potatoes. I was taken by their signature choco-banana cake in which every bite I took was a dance of joy on the palate. The cake is a heavenly slice of moist chocolate cake lined with mocha cream filled with slices of banana and covered in rich, velvety chocolate icing.

Take your pick from upper left clockwise: Indulgence, tiramisu, Low-fat peach and choco-banana

Secret Recipe has arrived in the Philippines, carrying with it its best-selling cake. The scrumptious taste of the choco-banana remains but the size has changed. It is, sadly, much smaller than in Singapore where you get this slice meant for two. The portion at the Shangri-la Plaza Mall outlet is meant for a dieter fooling herself into thinking that she’s still on her diet simply because of the sliver of cake before her. Nonetheless, the choco-banana cake still does it for me especially when am in my cake mode and when Estrel’s is nowhere in sight.


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