The journey to Hogwarts was coming to a close after 10 years of reading the novels and watching the films, but the final rendezvous was stalled with the release of the conclusion of The Deathly Hallows a year after the first part of the film. Now, there was no more hiding from the fact that the end was near. My family and I decided to face the final journey in style, booking tickets at this fancy movie theater (think reclining seats, free popcorn and soda, and a limited number of movie goers) at Gateway Mall in Cubao, Philippines. I had to see the movie before I flew back to Indonesia being certain that it wouldn’t be playing in the any of the theatres following the disagreement between Hollywood producers/distributors over the new movie tax scheme put up by the government, which the former found a bit too much to bear.

Ensconced in the reclining chair of the Gateway movie house, I was prepared to say goodbye to the brave, magical triumvirate of Harry, Hermione and Ron. Unlike the sixth film, I wasn’t disappointed with how the book was translated into the final film, enjoying the poignant goodbye scene between Severus and Harry, the revelation of the true character of Severus, the verve of Ron’s mother in dueling the maniacal Bellatrix Lestrange towards the end of the film and the epilogue of the married Harry, Hermione and Ron escorting their little wizards to 9 ¾ platform to catch the train to Hogwarts.

I was wrong about one thing though. Harry, Hermione and Ron did make it to Indonesia, around 17 days after its global release on July 14. There were whisperings among the students of the arrival of the trio on a Friday but the question no one could answer was which Friday. The last Friday of the July proved to be the day and tickets were selling fast. Movie houses like Cinema XXI and Mega blitz were enjoying brisk ticket sales after months of slow box office earnings and popcorn sales so, for a moment, everything was copacetic in Indonesia until it hits you. Borrowing my sister’s tongue-in-cheek remark, “What is there to live for after Harry Potter?”


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