Perhaps it’s the greatest irony ever. I’m no foodie but I love checking out restaurants wherever I am. This time my food adventure took me to an Italian restaurant with my sister and dad for a late lunch. Italian cuisine is one of our all-time favourite and Amici is often the choice for an Italian repast although Italianni’s wins the voting sometimes. However, Amici or Italianni’s was not the unanimous decision for this meal.

Gottis for lunch, merienda or dinner

"Are you looking at me?"

Tucked at the back of the new wing of Megamall was Gottis Ristorante, a cosy dining place that boasts an array of pasta, pizza and merienda combo meals. Merienda is part and parcel of the Filipinos’ meal scheme – it’s the word for a meal taken in between lunch and dinner. Gottis only had a couple of diners when we got in so getting a table was easy-peasy. The ambience is nothing fancy but neither did it exude a fast-food joint aura. Simplicity was the norm; everything was unpretentious from the chairs and tables to the crockery and interiors. Catching my eye was the wall paper of an Italian mobster taking time out of “work” for a bite who didn’t take kindly to strangers gawking at him.

Aglio olio pasta at its unadulterated best

Our choices from the menu were simple: aglio olio pasta and margherita pizza (large). The pasta was al dente and was not doused in olive oil but lightly drizzled and flavoured with enough garlic for that bite. Pizza should always be thin crust and the margherita was just done perfectly. My dad’s choice of merienda combo four – carbonara, two slices of pizza and salad – proved to be a good and filling choice.

Freshly baked thin crust margherita

Lunch, merienda or dinner, Gottis joins our list of preferred Italian eateries. It’s buon appetito indeed!

Gottis Ristorante

E410 SM Megamall expansion

4/F J Vargas Wack Wack Greenhills East

Mandaluyong City

Delivery and reservation: +63 634 0348


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