The sleeping giant wakes

From afar, I was hard pressed to accept that it was a gigantic hand “hanging” in midair but upon closer look, it certainly was. The trip to the National Harbor in Prince George’s County in Maryland yielded quite an interesting sight as my cousins and I made our way from the parking lot to the center of the harbor. Buried in the sands was the gargantuan sculpture called The Awakening by American sculptor J. Seward Johnson Jr who is famous for his life-size bronze works,which, according to Wikipedia, are castings of live people of varying ages engaged in everyday activities. The sculpture provided a playground for the children and photo op background for adults. One young man on the day I was there was busy taking shots – close-ups and panorama – of the “drowning” man as my cousin put it. I was completely floored over and dwarfed at the enormity of the work.

The 17-ft hand rises to the sky

The lack of any explanation around the area prompted me to search through the Net and my research revealed that the humongous piece of art was a 70-foot statue of a giant rooted in the earth and struggling to free himself. It was originally installed at Hains Point, Washington DC but was relocated at National Harbor on February 20, 2008 after the artist sold the statue for US$750,000.

All five separate pieces are made from aluminium


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